Recruiting [Dis.placed People]

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Recruiting [Dis.placed People]

Postby Tray » Sat Nov 18, 2006 8:59 pm

I know some of you guys have been messaging me as well as others in game about coming on board. While we're going to remain tight knit, and have a pretty exclusive recruiting practice (ie the "old days") that doesn't mean that we don't remember people. So I ask those that are impatient with my lack of an answer for you, please understand that mainly we're focusing on TBC beta and the PTR at the moment. Don't think you've "missed the boat" as it were because you haven't. Once BC comes along (or even the next PVP patch) we'll be opening up some slots and bringing people in. We have to do it this way because of what the past has taught us. We're hoping to transcend all boundaries that have been put in front of us, this time we're armed with a clearer conscience and a plethora of wisdom. So don't fret, we haven't forgotten about you.
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