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repost for devour

PostPosted: Tue Oct 21, 2008 10:46 am
by bacon
People I killed in the air or any area that they cannot walk to their body ... diamd8.jpg Balbanex Emaya Eridu ... diaoy8.jpg Evasanzo ... diaxq0.jpg Fallanangel ... diaal5.jpg Fallanangel again Fasted Fizbini ... diafe5.jpg Houseelf ... diaxa4.jpg Medaria Medi ... diauh2.jpg Meishock ... dianw5.jpg Mofotrey Obs ... diada6.jpg Samiam ... xrset3.jpg Shadowpallyx

People in {I Pwn Baconn} (contains lowbies) ... aasgf7.jpg

I'm fairly positive that the disbandment of this guild was partly my doing.

Just some odd ganks Blambo, died multiple times at a graveyard an angry lowbie If only you didn't help him Delilah, would have been much more fun Guess what he said? ... ersba1.jpg I had a hard time recovering from this one ... nicba4.jpg Cryogenic, once a coward, always a coward Tekkamaki