RoS Lives!!

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RoS Lives!!

Postby Theprimas » Thu Oct 25, 2012 2:17 am

So I was on steam, and decided to redo my steam profile and I came across this website that I entered on there.
so I come here and very suprised that this site is still thriving, I see some familiar faces too like bacon and Sulmar.
I was in this guild when I played in WoW, if I remember right, a few of us switched to another server to go horde,
and the idea grew old, most went back to firetree and that's basically where I split off.

I don't play WoW at all now, I play Gw2, Csgo, and pretty much a little of everything lol.
anyway great to see that you guys are still kicking, took me like 5-6 trys to remember my username and pw lol.

I still make videos and stuff, alot of game commentator videos just for fun.
I have links below if you wanna check it out.
anyway great to see that you guys are still pushing on
If first you dont succeed blame it on someone else
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